Campaign Management

There are many reasons your plan or PBM might want to reach out to members, pharmacies or prescribers. This is hard to track, can take a lot of man hours and must be balanced with the risk of member abrasion. Reveal makes this process easier to manage.

  • Define the criteria for who you want to reach out to automatically, no more filtering and sorting through spreadsheets. From members getting opioids through multiple prescribers to inappropriate rejections from a pharmacy, risks for drug/drug interactions and much more - Reveal can help you identify the specific scenarios you want to target.
  • Gain visibility into these events as they happen - no more waiting for weekly/monthly reports.
  • Customize the questions you want to ask and the information you need to capture as a result of the outreach.
  • View consolidated lists of everything you need to reach out to that person for so multiple issues can be resolved with just one call.
  • Track outreach results, set reminders for follow up, assign work to other team members and more!

Let Reveal manage your campaigns so you don’t have to!