Opioid Monitoring

Are you tracking your member’s opioid use?

Health Plans need a better way to oversee their members’ opioid use. Plans need to address things like the days’ supply prescribed to opioid naïve members and the risk of continued opioid use not only because of the financial issues due to HEDIS and STAR measures - they’re also the right thing to do for their members. States across the country have reported an increase in overdose deaths during the COVID-19 pandemic. Identifying members who are potentially at risk is one of the ways to turn this trend around.

Unfortunately, many plans lack the IT resources necessary to build a complex tool that can quickly identify members who are at risk. Luckily, Reveal can help!

  • High MME usage
  • Multiple Prescribers
  • Multiple Pharmacies
  • Risk of Continued Opioid Use (15 days supply in the first 31 days or 30 days supply in the first 62 days)
  • Opioid Naïve prescriptions that exceed a days supply threshold
  • Drug interactions with Benzodiazepines

Call us today to see how easy it can be to identify and reach out to those at risk of OUD in your plan.